Nicaragua URDD 3560


Aroma: Soft and  elegant. Fruity and floral.

Flavor: Sweet. Notes of caramel,  red apple and red fruits. Citric and malic acidities. Medium and oily body.

Details about the process:

This extraordinary work begins with the correct picking of the coffee cherries. Subsequently, the cherries are transported to the wet mill where they are pulped and immediately fermented for 8-12 hours. After that, the coffee needs to be washed. Once this process has been finished, the coffee is carried to the dry mill where it is extended in the drying zones.

Details about the drying:

Once spread on the drying canvas, the coffee is raked for five days until it reaches a state called 'thresh point' that is, ready to be threshed.

History and Information about the Farm:

“Un Regalo de Dios” is located in the community of Quisulí Arriba, Monzonte, Nicaragua with an average temperature of 20ºC. The type of soil is clay loam. The varieties are: Catuai, Caturra, Maracaturra and Catimor.

History and Information about the Producer:

The engineer Luis Alberto Balladares is a producer, buyer and coffee exporter, but also carries the word of God. One of his motivations for being in the coffee business is to bring the word of God through the coffee sector. Sharing the message of Jesus is the most important vision to considerate, as people not only need a working source, but they need the one who provides it, changing not only their economic situation but also transforming their lives.





Cupping Note

Fruity, Light-Brown Caramel, Sweet, Ripe Fruits, Red Fruits


Red Catuaí


Specialty Microlot






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