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Aroma: Chocolate, nuts, yellow fruits, stone fruits, sugar cane.

Flavor: Soft, yellow fruits, dark chocolate, dark-brown caramel.


COSAGUAL is a cooperative of agricultural services that supports production and marketing processes under the concept of family business. It provides technical advice to its members, promoting economic and social development through resource management, strengthening gender equity and protection of the Environment, guided by our principles and cooperative values.


To be a producer organization with prestige and credibility, responsible with the environment and society, improving the quality of life of cooperative families.


The Cooperativa de Servicios Agropecuarios Gualcinse Limited  COSAGUAL was born on 27th of  January 1994 in the municipality of Gualcinse, department of Lempira, Honduras with the purpose of finding direct solutions to the problems of coffee trading that many of the producers had in the zone. It was legally constituted on May 5th of that year, before the Honduran cooperative governing body IHDECOOP (Honduran Cooperative Institute).

33 visionary producers started to join what has turned into an organization made up of 118 producers and producers, adults and young people in the area of ​​Gualcinse and surrounding areas who are coffee growers and / or children of coffee growers, 90% of whom are fully engaged in coffee and other productive activities.

COSAGUAL is located in an edaphoclimatic zone suitable for coffee cultivation, managing the coffee farms in mountain areas allowing sustainability between production and the ecosystem.

This cooperative began by collecting the little coffee produced by its founders under the idea that the good quality of their coffee should allow better marketing and thus generate more income for each of their families. Subsequently, coffee was marketed to the highest bidder of domestic buyers. Years later, realizing the option of the cooperative to export Fair Trade organic coffee, the respective steps were taken to obtain these certifications in the coffee of COSAGUAL and this is how in 2001 this cooperative has received the certification FLO. In 2003-2004 it obtained the certification of organic coffee, allowing in this way to better market its coffee at different prices and markets.

From these years onwards, it began with one of COSAGUAL's most ambitious projects by then, the construction of its own Ecological Wet Coffee Mill, whose final objective was to standardize the quality of coffee beneficiaries produced by their cooperatives. Since 2002, a number of actions, contributions and requests have been made to acquire a land where the Ecological wet mill would be built. It was finally inaugurated in 2009 with the first harvest (2009-2010) in which most of the cooperative members gave their coffee cherries. A new page was written in the history of COSAGUAL.

Unfortunately, during this harvest, the cooperative experienced the worst administrative and financial crisis in its 23 years of life, almost leading to its closure of operations on a permanent basis and almost the loss of material goods. The consequence was a suspension of the Fair Trade certificate for almost two years and the lines of decertification of this seal were brushed.

However, with the commitment and dedication of the new managers who took over the reins of the organization believing that if they could rescue her from the disorder it was in and accompanied by one of COSAGUAL's most loyal friends, Mr. Kieran Durnien, who then worked for FLO- Central America; They have initiated a process of administrative reconstruction of the cooperative. Three years after the crisis, COSAGUAL was back on the market, in capacity for the production and export of quality coffee.


The cooperative now has a well-functioning organic wet mill where it collects the coffee in grapes from each of the producers, which represents 75% of the total volume marketed by the cooperative.

The cooperative has been certified Fair Trade since 2001, counting from then on with the benefit of the FLO Prize, which has served COSAGUAL a lot since with these funds it has been possible to carry out the construction and improvement of the organic wet mill it currently manages, In addition, it has made it possible to grant children of the community for secondary and university studies, to create breaches of access to the farms, has given the ability to producers to buy medicines for the municipality's health center and to provide sports uniforms to football teams and construction of infrastructures.





Cupping Note

Fruity, Cane Sugar, Dark-Brown Caramel, Sweet, Yellow Fruits, Dried Fruits


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