Colombia Tunja


Aroma: Sweet. Dark-brown caramel, chocolate, vanilla, butter.

Flavor: Intense and sweet. Dark chocolate, stone fruits. Full body.

In the southwest of Colombia, within the vicinity of the Galeras volcano, we can find Gabriel Cañas’ coffee plantation. Ancestrally, this area belonged to the Quillasinga indigenous territory. This community was known as “the lords of the moon” because they had an extensive knowledge about cultivation and harvest methods governed by the moon phases. For centuries, after continuous and strong social changes in their territories, the Quillasinga community intermingled with colonists to form a mestizo population, who has preserved their traditions and ancestral customs. Even today, this land remains to be a mainly agricultural territory.

Fifty years ago, this territory`s main crop was wheat, but during the last 40 years, several other new crops such as eucalyptus, fique (hemp), sugar cane and coffee had gained strength. Nowadays, these crops are the pillars of La Florida’s economy. The average temperature of the municipality is 18°C. Its volcanic soils and the balance between solar luminosity and rainfall, creates optimum conditions for coffee trees to grow and cherries to increase in weight. Furthermore, la Florida is characterized for its productive units, which are less than a quarter of a hectare. This means that coffee, one of its main products, comes from small farms that rely on the family workforce. 51% of the properties have less than one hectare, 19% have an area up to two hectares, and the remaining 9% is around 3 hectares long.





Cupping Note

Fruity, Light-Brown Caramel, , Yellow Fruits




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