Colombia El Recuerdo


Aroma: Soft, floral, caramel, chocolate

Flavor: Soft, violet, caramel, dark chocolate, citric.

Although the Caturra variety is more susceptible to rust, Manuel Jesús decided to grow it on his farm "El Recuerdo" because of the physical characteristics of these trees. Its short stature facilitates the picking of all cherries. In addition, this variety has a higher production compared to others, which translates into higher income for the producer.

To maintain the quality of his coffee, Manuel Jesús performs a meticulous picking and selection taking into account that this process must be efficient and delicate with the branches of the trees, because of this will depend the productive life of their trees.

El Recuerdo is located in the village of El Bombo, in the municipality of Pitalito, one of the areas in Colombia with the highest rates of high quality coffee production, surpassing many coffee-growing municipalities in the country. The variety of thermal floors of Pitalito, its soils rich in organic matter and the large amount of water in the region, coming not only from the abundant rivers and streams but also by the high rainfall of the region, have been decisive for the optimal development of coffee crops. These environmental characteristics, added to the growing interest of producers such as Manuel Jesús to improve their cultivation and process of coffee benefit, have been reflected in the increase of production and in the development of an exceptional quality.





Cupping Note

Light-Brown Caramel, Citrus, Sweet



Specialty Microlot






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