Colombia El Progreso


Aroma: Soft and delicate. Milk chocolate, tropical fruits, chamomile.

Flavor: Soft, elegant, juicy. Tropical fruits, kiwi, lychee, mango, white grape.

A few months before the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the coffee pact ended in Colombia. This pact had organized the coffee industry worldwide for thirty years, but from that moment on there would be no established prices and would solely be ruled by the world market and the New York Stock Exchange.

Then, when coffee became a commodity and the price of the pound was unstable, it caused an economic crisis throughout the country as coffee had consolidated as one of the greatest revenues in the gross domestic product. Thus, thousands of small producers bankrupt, having to give their land to the banks to cover the debts they had.

Tirso Pacheco was one of the coffee farmers who faced the crisis and in honor of his name, which means "staff with vital force", persisted with his farm El Progreso, in the middle of San Isidro, between the central and the eastern mountain range at 1,800 m.a.s.l. Despite widespread losses and hopelessness, he began to grow the Caturra variety that would gain strength throughout the region and attain worldwide recognition. Perhaps as a result of bankruptcy, coffee farmers in different regions began experimenting with washing, drying and harvesting techniques. Tirso, like many farmers from Huila, is convinced that a fermentation of at least 24 hours ensures the quality of their coffee.

Tirso works to recover the coffee culture in all regions of the country, highlighting the singularity of each of its producers.





Cupping Note

Fruity, , Tropical Fruits



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