Colombia El Arrayanal


Aroma: Soft and elegant. Floral, yellow fruits, mango, tropical fruits.

Flavor: Soft, red fruits, red currant, raspberry, caramel.

Javier Ordóñez and his family settled in El Mirador in Pitalito - Huila, located in the south of Colombia, where they cultivated their hope in each and every coffee tree planted on their finca “El Arrayanal” (named after the many arrayan trees planted on this land). On the 4,5 hectares of "El Arrayanal", coffee grows at an altitude of 1.645 m.a.s.l. 

Many producers of Pitalito have been continuously recognized with the Cup of Excellence, one of the most important coffee contests in Colombia, award granted due to the high quality of the coffees produced in the region. Javier ordóñez is one of them, winning the first place in this competition in 2016; a recognition to his effort and an exceptional final product in the cup.

To achieve this, his coffee milling process starts by picking and sorting the finest ripe cherries, which are pulped and fermented in tanks for 24 to 36 hours. Then, the coffee beans are washed and dried in a parabolic drying beds during 10 to 15 days, until they meet the highest standards of quality.

Over the years, Javier and his wife María have increased their knowledge about coffee cultivation, coffee milling, cupping and roasting techniques after attending to different courses in the Colombian National Learning Service (SENA). They have combined experience and knowledge, resulting in the success of their family business. 





Cupping Note

Fruity, Light-Brown Caramel, Sweet, Red Fruits



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