Projects in origin

Through our Spanish Coffee Institute Foundation, we channel all projects around the world.
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Let’s go to Brazil!

Mare Terra Coffee organizes travels to coffee origin and offers special route to Minas Gerais designed for those who want to discover the best coffee in Brazil. In the trip you will get to know people...

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Mare Terra Coffee at Coffee&Tea Expo

Mare Terra Coffee prepared many surprises for the guests of Coffee & Tea Russian Expo, which will be held on March 13-15 in Moscow. Cuppings of fresh coffee, project presentations, lectures,exhibition...

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Mare Terra Coffee Lines

Get to know our coffee lines to be conversant when choosing coffee for yourself!    Mare Terra Premium  Mare Terra Specialty  Mare Terra Nanolots  Mare Terra Haute    Mare Terra Pr...

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Coffee events 2019

Find below a calendar of the main coffee events of the year. We will constantly update the calendar, as the organizers publish new events and dates. We hope it would be useful for you to plan your yea...

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